EVENT | Reunion - KOICHI FUTATSUMATA・E&Y collection -

EVENT | Reunion - KOICHI FUTATSUMATA・E&Y collection -

10 SEPTEMBER, 2021

The NEW collection announced last month will be exhibited in Fukuoka, the base of designer Futamata's activities.
The venue is Directors, the place where "GO" started.
We look forward to seeing you at the venue.


The SHOE STOOL, which has been like an alter ego to us, has come back after a long journey before our 20th anniversary.
We have a new name it, and a more refined look.
Who knows, maybe it will start another long journey.
This will be a special opportunity to see the re-edited collection by E&Y along with their coat hanger "4FB" in Fukuoka.
We welcome you to visit us.
                                           ー Go Fujito

The SHOE STOOL, the original design of GO, was designed in 2013 as a limited edition item for the 10th anniversary of FUJITO, a fashion brand owned by an old friend. (E&Y was also in charge of OEM production at that time.) It started with a discussion with him about making a product related to shoes, which led to the design of a product that condenses and integrates a series of activities performed, such as putting on shoes, tying shoelaces, brushing shoes, and storing necessary tools, into a single form. After designing 4FB, I was still strongly interested in the idea of combining multiple parts to realize multiple functions as a single object. This product was an example of how this could be sublimated into a unique shape, making it a symbolic project for me in terms of my own approach to design.
After being awarded the wallpaper* award, in 2014, the SHOE STOOL was re-released in a new finish by OPINION CIATTI, a furniture brand based in Florence, Italy. This August it will be released again by E&Y.
For me, this design was initially a very personal project with one of my closest friends. I have decided to give it a new name to express my gratitude and respect for the fact that it was designed as a niche answer to a neighbor in a sense, and that it has received widespread interest and sympathy not only in Japan but internationally, going to places I never imagined it would go, and that it has returned to a place called Japan.
                                      TEXT:Koichi Futatsumata

Term : September 18th(Sat) - September 26th(Sun), 2021
Open from : 12:00 - 19:00
Venue : Directors
Address : 1F East Building, 3-4-3 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0023, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel : 092-733-3997

Hosted by : WISTERIA Co., Ltd.
Supported by : E&Y Co., Ltd.

All anti-COVID measures will be met to welcome you all.

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